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ASTRA Professional Manicure and Semi Permanent Kit UV LED Gel Polish Starter Kit

Dhs. 300

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ASTRA Professional Manicure and Semi Permanent Kit UV LED Gel Polish Starter Kit

Essential kit for carrying out a semi-permanent manicure independently.

Origin : ITALY

It contains all the products necessary to independently and safely create a manicure with a professional result directly at your home! Ideal for those who decide to approach the world of semi-permanent lacquering for the first time and need all the essential products for a complete application. All products contained in the Starter Kit are completely Hema Free, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions.

This starter kit includes the following:

1. Nail prep 6ml - gently dehydrate the nails, removing the natural oils and grease thereby promoting adhesion of the primer.

2. Ultra bond 5ml - it promotes adhesion of the polish to the natural nails and thanks to its gentle formula, it protects nails and cuticles.

3. Base coat 5ml - essential and thickening base that protects the nail, ensuring perfect and long lasting adhesion of the color.

4. Top coat - ensures the utmost color brightness and protection. Thanks to its thin finish, it is self levelling.

5. Cleanser 125ml - cleansing solution, indispensable to remove the dispersion layer. It removes dust and dirt residues from nails after buffing.

6. Remover 125ml - solvent capable of gently removing the superficial semi-permanent polish layer without damaging the natural nails.

7. Buffer file - crescent shaped two sided fine grained buffer file 180/220 with medium to low abrasion. The fine grained side (220) is excellent to mattify the nail without damaging it while the medium grained side (180) is recommended to level out imperfections.

8. Cuticle pusher file - coarse grained 100/180 cuticle pusher file with medium to high abrasion. The coarse grained side (100)makes it easier to remove semi-permanent polish while the medium grained side (180) is used to buff and shape the nail. It also carries out a gentle abrasive action on the cuticle, thanks to its tapered tip shape.

9. Gel polish ballet no. 07 - a rosy with a neutral-cold undertone. It elegantly enhances any kind of complexion.

10. Gel polish chili pepper no. 24 - fiery red with a cold undertone. The true star of a timeless manicure.

11. Cuticle oil - it softens the cuticles thanks to its formula enriched with sunflower seeds, almonds and apple.