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HB HAIR SOLUTION Brazilian Caviar Anti Frizz Protein

Dhs. 200
Style: shampoo & conditioner & Mask

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HB HAIR SOLUTION Brazilian Caviar Anti Frizz Protein

With Caviar Extract, Pracaxi oil, tannin , 0% Formaldehyde  

Also available in Complete Set :

1- Shampoo : 300 ML

2- Conditioner : 300 ML

3- Treatment Mask : 300 G 

Introducing the HB HAIR SOLUTION Brazilian Caviar Anti-Frizz Protein—an extraordinary fusion of premium ingredients designed to redefine your hair care experience. Enriched with the essence of Caviar Extract, Pracaxi oil, and tannin, this innovative formula is meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled nourishment, combat frizz, and deliver a lustrous finish to your locks.

At the core of this transformative treatment is the indulgent Caviar Extract, celebrated for its abundance of vitamins and minerals. Working in synergy with Pracaxi oil, renowned for its hydrating and conditioning properties, this formulation penetrates deeply into each strand, leaving your hair irresistibly soft, smooth, and luxuriously silky.

The inclusion of tannin, known for its protective qualities, shields your hair from environmental stressors, contributing to long-lasting frizz control and enhanced resilience. This advanced formula proudly boasts a 0% Formaldehyde composition, ensuring a safe yet powerful anti-frizz treatment without compromising your hair's health.

The HB HAIR SOLUTION Brazilian Caviar Anti-Frizz Protein is designed for all hair types, catering to those seeking a salon-quality experience at home. Immerse yourself in the opulence of Brazilian Caviar and witness the transformation as your hair is enveloped in the richness of Caviar Extract, Pracaxi oil, and protective tannin. Embrace the allure of effortlessly smooth, frizz-free hair with the indulgent touch of Brazilian Caviar Anti-Frizz Protein by HB HAIR SOLUTION.